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Our Pricing

Junk Removal Prices

We charge by the amount of space that your items take up in our large dump truck. We can provide you with a free in person estimate or you can text us photos of your junk items to 562-262-9978. We will respond with a price range estimate for you.  


We have 8 different price points of 1/8 increments, that are each equivalent to 2.25 cubic yards. That is the volume of about two and a quarter washing machines. Our pricing is easy and fair to our customers. All of our estimates are no obligation and judgment free. 


I am a Marine Veteran and I promise that you will be provided with an honest estimate. We have competitive prices for the excellent junk removal service that we provide.  We are happy to answer your questions. Give us a call today to schedule your easy free estimate.



Dump Bed Dimensions 12'x8'x5'(18 cubic yards)

Our large dump truck can fit approximately 9 pickup truckloads in the back of our dump truck. That is a lot of junk that we can get haul away at one time!

We are a Veteran owned business that believes in providing the best and easiest junk removal experience to our customers.

  • We pack our dump truck efficiently with your junk items. We pride ourselves with loading our truck with as many items that we can safely haul away. This means that we maximize the hauling space for our customers. 
  • We build efficient junk walls in our truck to ensure we can haul away more of your items with each truckload.
  • Our large dump truck has 18 cubic yards of hauling space. Our large dump truck ensures that we are able to haul away more of your items with each truckload.

Property Cleanouts

Our property cleanout rates include removal of all personal property. We will go through all cabinets, closets, bedrooms, bathrooms, yard, garage and other areas to ensure that all personal property is removed and hauled away. 


We communicate with our clients throughout the whole process. We work diligently and thoroughly, and always respectfully. We are happy to help our clients reclaim their living space. Call us today for your free estimate. Our estimates are obligation and judgment free.